There are different conductors, orchestras and also different batons; for the optimum success everything must exactly fit to each other.

Takeover of Project

  • Before the project starts, the ECG carefully defines the requirements of the task and suggests the optimal appropriate Interim Manager.
  • Because we always take over responsibility, it requires often the evaluation of the exact assignments of the task within your company.
  • In some cases it is helpful to do a short pre-phase in order to check, evaluate and define preconditions, task, schedule and objectives.
  • Thus already in the approach the project success becomes secure by the best possible preparation and definition of the existing problems.

Protection of success in any project

  • For each project an expert's advisory board consisting of one up to three partners of the ECG is defined, which supports the chosen Partner handling any challenge of the task.
  • In addition, each Partner is assisted by the extensive knowledge - platform of the ECG and theirs Partner in any phase at their project.
  • In this manner the best experience and knowledge about all functions, methods and industries is available in every single project and the success of any project becomes secured.