PartnersThe conductor makes out of tones the music

The partners of the EuroConsultingGroup AG are eminently experienced entrepreneurs and managers, which bring in their long-time - mostly decades - experiences from executive positions in different industries and company situations in each single assignment of task.

Our principles

  • we are entrepreneurs
  • we are active, initiative hands-on-managers
  • we have proved practise experiences
  • we have reliable methods - and management expertise
  • we are professional project managers
  • we stand for "sustainable effects" instead of "short-dated effects"
  • we stand for consistent result orientation and for high task / project profitability
  • we stand for "doing" instead of "paper work"
  • we stand for high professionalism and social competence
  • we systematic integrate employees
  • we stand for transparency and reliability
  • we stand for communication ability